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Our goal is to create a good environment for the performance of our work. We want to provide the best office premises and that is why we develop ourselves continuously taking the client’s needs and wishes into account.

The Building


Sections A and B of the building are connected by a foyer, which accommodates the trading premises. The main structures of the building are supported on strip and socket foundations, based on the limestone layer; the load-bearing walls of different floors are made of ferro-concrete and stone, the pillars and the plates of inserted ceilings are made of ferro-concrete. The load-bearing partitions are of ferro-concrete and stone. Non-bearing walls are made of light blocks and plasterboards installed on metal frames.The flat roof of the building is covered by rolled bitumen material.

Front doors of the main entrance open sideways, aluminium structures comprise automatic sliding doors reinforced with safety glass. Interior doors are mainly painted smooth wooden doors. Windows are of natural colour made of aluminium structures with double glass packets. Ceramic façade tiles, steel profile and/or sheet aluminium plates and paint are used for exterior elaboration. Facades of the building, where offices are located, consist of glass façade systems, in which transparent and opaque parts alternate.

The building is heated by a gas boiler plant and radiators of the heated water system, which keep the rooms warm and are mostly installed below windows. The radiator heating system is a subdivided vertical 2-pipe system. There is a mechanical injection/extraction ventilation system and a cooling system in the rooms.The solution of office floors is planned as flexible as possible. It is possible to arrange the premises into small offices or have one big room accommodating different companies. If necessary it is possible to divide the premises on different floors into one, two, three or four independent offices with divisible utilities and common rooms.

There are module suspended ceilings in offices and the floors are covered by PVC or fitted carpet. Concrete ceiling panels of trading premises are painted white below and the floor is covered by ceramic tiles, carpet or PVC-covering. The floors in the hallway are covered by clinker plates. The walls of the rooms are painted in light and mild colours. The walls and floors of utility rooms are covered by ceramic tiles and are equipped with modern appliances.

High and low current installations of the electric system are installed in the conformity to standards established to office premises and the lighting is regulated according to the average standard value of the lighting intensity. Offices are equipped with communications and computer network.


The 7-storey office building with a hallway has been designed as an extension to the existing office building. The new building is partly connected via the ground floor of the existing building; the rest of the building forms an independent part of the extension. The majority of parking places are in front of the building. Altogether there are 169 parking places in the two-way parking lot.

The access to the new building opens via the main entrance of the existing building. Separate entrances can be opened on the ground floor of the trading premises from Peterburi Road. The vertical movement inside the building is solved so that the new part of the building may be used via a separate main entrance and foyer. The building was designed so that the views at the Old Town, the sea and Ülemiste Lake opening from the existing building are preserved. The trapeze-shaped main plan of the building enables to see wonderful views from the majority of rooms.The façade is mostly made of adhesive brick imitation tiles, which stand out next to the surrounding sheet metal and glass objects and refers to historical industrial landscape. It is important to handle the building as a separate unit, which provides variety in the environment.

The new building has a strong architectural character, which enables the existing building to retain its monumental character as a single object. The high and low current installations in the building are installed in conformity to the standards of office rooms and the lighting is regulated according to the average standard value of light intensity. The office is supplied with communications and computer network.

There is a general injection and extraction ventilation in the building. The rooms are heated by water heated radiators; there is a cooling system in offices. A VRV system is used in the entire building. To decrease the cooling load of the premises, windows on the southern facade of the building are covered with sun protection glass.

The solution of the office floors is planned as flexible as possible. It is possible to create small offices on different floors or one big common area for several institutions. If necessary a floor may be designed as office premises with divisible utility and common rooms or into separate single, double, triple, etc. offices. A combination of different variants is possible. The vertical utility structure in the centre of the house unites the building into a compact entity.


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