Ülemiste Ärimaja

Think about tomorrow already today.
Our goal is to create a good environment for the performance of our work. We want to provide the best office premises and that is why we develop ourselves continuously taking the client’s needs and wishes into account.


Ülemiste is a continuously developing business and service area just at 10-minutes’ driving distance from the centre of Tallinn. Ülemiste Business Centre accommodates offices of numerous companies. We want to expand and create new office premises and that is why we have constructed an extension -Part B to the existing building. The shape of the new building is planned so that the remaining part of the building offers views at Old Town, the sea and Ülemiste Lake and a good view at the entire building complex opens from Peterburi Road.

We find that the working environment is very important for the employee and has a major impact on the efficiency. We realise that each client has his/her personal visions and desires as far as the layout of the rooms is concerned. Due to that the office areas are created so that they can be re-designed if necessary.

We are open to new ideas and help to implement them.